I can only imagine how difficult it must be to transgendered. Understanding who we are as beings on the planet is difficult enough without the added pressure from society fitting into a certain idea of gender. I would've hoped in the 21st century, people would be more supportive of one's personal choice even though some people might not agree with it.

I'm of the opinion that we all have the innate ability to express ourselves in the manner that we deem fit. As long as we aren't victimizing anyone in the process. In my humble opinion, this is a fundamental birth right transcending any artificial laws, religious dogma or cultural prejudice. Unfortunately, as we know, this is not the case in many places on earth. How can a personal choice offend someone else's journey in life is beyond me.  

From an abstract point of view, we all are born into the world with little sense of why we are here. We embark upon our greatest journey of discovering who we are, literally. No matter where our journey takes us; we all yearn to answer the question of, "who we are" and to tell our story. We are all kindred spirits in this regard, but some how that gets lost in the translation of what we are indoctrinated ergo, "bank account, skin pigmentation, and genital size are the hallmarks of success."

If you're finding yourself in the trenches of discovering who you are whether transgendered or not, please don't give up! What other's may think about you should only strengthen your resolve to live out your life's greatest story!  There will always be naysayers in opposition to you. Even though they are a pain in the ass, their opposition should only give you a better story to tell and a greater meaning to who you are. They are not your keepers; they do not know what is better for you even when they may appeal to traditions or religion. You are the only one whom is the most qualified to make decisions for yourself if you are aware of that fact. When you resolve yourself to the idea that being yourself is NOT a popularity contest your transition will truly begin!

These are just my thoughts and I wish you the best in your journey. I know this post only scratches the surface of this topic, but if you have need more support or words of encouragement, check out the online transgendered support group where you can get many more perspectives on what your journey can be about.