Hi, my name is Davis. I have been unemployed for about 2 years now. Right now, I spend my days bumming around my parent's house; I'm 36 by the way. I'm steeped in boredom switching between playing Xbox, YouTube and Netflix. Believe it or not, I'm one of the lucky one's with a useless overpriced (in-hindsight) college degree.  

You see, I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Psychology. Up until the beginning of 2019, I spent every waking moment trying to find a job. My baby boomer father insisted that find one. Searching online, asking friends and acquaintances, all led to dead ends and disappointments. As a relatively young man how in the hell am I suppose to pay back my student loans, and start a family?  It's not like I didn't buckle down and do the "responsible" thing and go to school! Isn't this what we are all taught to do?  

Just recently, I did manage to find a job working briefly at KFC, which did give me a little bit of pocket change, but it's simply not enough. I'm yet again deferring my student loans and who knows if I will ever be able to pay back my debt. Meanwhile, my baby boomer parents are jumping on my case in spite of this global pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn. Now with Covid-19 I can kiss what little fast food job goodbye! My life is a steaming pile or doo-doo.

I keep telling myself that I'm not the only one and I'm sure there are other would-be try hards out there that just aren't able to connect the dots in life. Any love or suggestions out there for someone feeling like a loser and I suppose down on his luck?

If you need moral support, please check out our online unemployment support group.