From @cal916

On June 31st, Tuesday, me and my girlfriend were having sex (unprotected). At
one point she got dry in her vagina and in the process of her getting dry I got
cut on my penis. I was in a little pain so I stopped for a bit. Later we
resumed and tried anal sex with no condom. We stopped cause she started to
bleed from anal, it wasn't quite working out. Within that same week, Saturday
I got sick with a fever, my body was aching, my throat, was hurting, and 3
sores appeared on the shaft of my penis. The sores appeared right where the
cuts were at.

Needless to say, both me and my girl went to get tested. We both did the herpes select blood work test. I got tested 4 days after the outbreak. They did
bloodwork and a culture. I came back negative on the bloodwork for both HSV 1
and 2 but I came back positive on the culture for HSV-1 on the genital. She
came back positive on the bloodwork for HSV-1. For about a month I hadn't
received oral sex so I'm wondering how the culture came out positive. I've
done tests in the past and I came out negative all the time. This is the first
time I've had an outbreak. The doctor gave me Valtrex once a day and a Tetnus
shot. I also did another herpes select test that came back negative. I'm
confused and I don't understand. Can someone please help me. I'm scared and I don't know what to do. I'm upset and angry, but I don't want to end things with my girlfriend! Thank you.

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