Unfortunately, in this day-in-age we are inundated by images, and symbols of what we are to assume is beautiful. Whether it's Instagram or Facebook, people are obsessed with looking their best. Here is where you come in... You believe you're ugly and not worthy of such a title defined by what society projects. I could reference all the clichés, but I know you are already aware of them.

So, how can you cope with being ugly? A better question is, why cope with the condition of being ugly, when it's your own thoughts that are ugly about yourself? Regardless how people view you, the point of view that matters the most is your own. We all sit on the directors chair of our lives and how we paint our own picture is really up to us. It's our movie.  If you have read any of my previous blog entires on Clarapy, you know that I believe we are the creator and destroyer of our lives.

I know this philosophical / abstract approach is not for everyone, but really why are you or we trying so desperately to fit into a box / paradigm that is not meant for us? If you're short, fat, or big boned or whatever euphemism or pejorative term you want to use; why believe in that label and all of its connotations? Do you really think you are nothing more than an ugly person and that applies to who you are? No matter what your state of mind is, when reading this, I know deep down in the recesses of your being there is a person that is dying to express themselves as the powerful beautiful individual that you are. We are all individuals, so how in the hell can we all logically fit into the same mold of what is prescribed for as a beautiful? It's crazy to think that we can. My advice, let Instagram, Facebook and all other media forms define what is beauty for themselves. Their definition is not indicative or all encompassing of all us "ugly" individuals. Truly embrace your "ugliness" and you will find that it's not ugly at all in the way that you think. In fact, it's the beauty in the individual that speaks larger than those media platforms.

Flip the script and take control of how you perceive yourself. You are the director of your life, not someone else's social media post. If you need more words of encouragement or another point of view, check out our depression/mental health online support group. We all need support now and then and we are here for you if you need help.