Lots of men and women equate a passive man with a beta male. For the most part I would agree with that assessment, however distilling a person down to a psychologically component isn't entirely fair. There are a lot of nuances that make up a person. Nevertheless, why are there passive men?  I think this depends on each male, but for some men, we don't want to be bothered. For others, we don't see the point in being aggressive most of the time. For any man let alone a passive one, life is stressful enough as it is. Having to contenting with the rat race in providing material wealth for the family as well as responding to any and all male expected duties and western empirical stereotypes is tiring.

I assume if you are reading this you are either inquiring into why you are passive or you with a passive male. If you see passivity as a bad thing, you are in luck. Even though the natural state of a passive man is to remain indifferent, that doesn't mean that we cannot turn on the aggressive side when pushed. Every man has their limits and when pushed that passivity can turn disastrous. In fact, the most dangerous men I have encountered are those who are quiet and calculating allowing you to think they are passive, but when push comes to a shove a different side of them emerges. So if you think you are passive or you are with a partner that is somewhat passive; in this context it's not such a bad thing and shouldn't be a turn off. It doesn't make you a beta male necessarily because the aspect of being aggressive or passive is context based.

So the next time you feel or look at your passive male, just remember the alpha qualities in him do exist. It just a matter of context. If you are interested in discussion this topic further and you are in a relationship, join our relationship support group.