Weight loss is a 72 billion dollar industry and with all the money we pump into it, we still come up short and overweight. In fact, according to webmd,

By some estimates, 80% of people who successfully lose at least 10% of their body weight will gradually regain it to end up as large or even larger than they were before they went on a diet.

There are 72 million reasons why this just shouldn't be the case.  The industry addresses the "how" to lose weight, but not your reason "why". The "how" are all the diets, techniques and exercises, but the "why" is subjective and individual for each person. The "why" transcends vanity and stigmas associated with being overweight. The "why" has everything to do with our motivation to get up in the morning and take on life. Without being any more abstract, let me explain.

We all have an inner voice inside of us. It works to support all of our aspirations in life. The super-ego as it's known, is a no non-sense character; not easily impressed by superficiality fundamentally. It keeps it real, and if you aren't really inspired, and or moved (in a deep sense) by the goal itself of having the perfect instagram selfie you will NEVER attain the stated goal of losing weight. This is where the "you" is imperative and if ignored will undermine the 72 million dollars we collectively spend each year in the US on losing weight.

In simple terms, you cannot bullshit yourself. If you don't have a deeper (inspirational to the point of love) reason connected to your weight loss, attempting to lose weight will be painfully futile. This is why most people who get on the proverbial treadmill of losing weight, find themselves sidelined shortly thereafter. You have to throw yourself fully into it, like we all do when we fall in love; without question and without fear. If you can tap into your deeper self and align your goals of weight loss with your inner self truly, I have no doubt we can achieve our goal of weight loss without the 72 million dollar expense per year. Just food for thought.

If you need encouragement in the form of a support group, join our online weight loss support group and speak with other people who are fighting the good fight and battling the bulge.