Why are you finding yourself begging for attention from your husband?  You being the beautiful woman that you are should be enough to keep his attention!  I know, I know enough with the flattery and let's get down to business. There really could be a multitude of reasons as to why your husband is ignoring your attempts to garner his attention. I really cannot speculate beyond the fact that his reasons most likely have absolutely nothing to do with you. The male brain is pretty basic in this respect. We have one track minds and when we are on a particular track, it's hard to pull us away no matter what that track is. It could be work, eating, hanging out with the guys, sex, whatever the case may be. If you take anything away from this blog post, just know you are most certainly NOT the reason for your husband's lack of attention toward you.

As for a solution, you have to change the dynamic of pleading for his attention. Let me explain.  By begging him for attention, you are setting yourself for having to kowtow to his expectations of what he would rather do, psychologically speaking. This puts you in a less than empowering situation where you have to wait it out for him to yield to your request. That position is frustrating for anyone to be in and it's unfair for you. Instead of feeding that dynamic and playing that role, if you focus on something else you will eventually perk his interest. For instance, engage in  any activity that is fun and interesting for you and be the life of the party with that activity. I don't care if it's a party of one, have a blast. Even if he doesn't see what a great time you had out, he will see your glow and he will want to be a part of that. It's kinda like when you see that lone brave soul out on the dance floor.  If they aren't drunk and know how to throw out some dance moves, people will naturally want to dance with them, because they see that person is having fun. This is the same situation you are in except, you need to be the one who jumps out on the dance floor.

I hope this help at least give you some ideas about how to approach this situation.  I'm not minimizing your situation with my playfullness, but I really think you can flip the script in style and have fun at the same time.  As always if you need another perspective, head over to our marriage support groups and speak with others about this issue.