It often seems like there are a lot of questions and concerns regarding the efficacy of support groups. However, there is a mountain of evidence from the NCBI that suggests that online peer driven support groups are a critical and effective strategy in addresses life's challenges.  Whether you need emotional and moral support for depression, anxiety, addictions, grieving, diseases, divorce, relationships, etc., a support group will not only help you to feel better, but will also give you the tools and skills to solve address your concerns. According to NCBI:

Evidence suggests that benefits of the FTF program were sustained for at least 6 months without any additional boosters or supports. Peer-based programs may produce sustained benefits for individuals seeking help in addressing challenges and stresses related to having a family member with a mental illness.   - NCBI

This study goes on to suggest that support groups in general, would produce the same long lasting outcomes on addressing your concerns.

What you get from joining a support group goes far beyond its long lasting effects of addressing problems. Support groups offer a place where you can express sentiments, share stories all while being accepted and encouraged to do so. Everyone in the support group is there to help one another, share information and offer encouragement to be self-directed and empowered.  

Finding a support group can be tricky and tenuous at best, however this day and age the Internet offers many additional opportunities to connect with your peers. If you have a smart phone you can connect immediately to people who are experiencing life's challenges as you are. We offer support group platform that is focused on putting you in contact with your peers who are experiencing life's challenges. All of the support groups are moderated and community driven. Check out our support groups today.