Although many doctors agree that masturbation is a normal human behavior, it is also accepted by the medical community as being one of the most common ways that people try to release stress and tension from their lives. However, although masturbation is considered a normal and healthy practice, many who are addicted to masturbation claim that they feel uncomfortable with this act. Many feel embarrassed when they engage in this activity, because they believe that others might view them as an unclean person. While there has been a growing push for doctors to formally recognize masturbation addiction as a disease, some suggest that it should be seen as merely a form of compulsion, rather than a disease. There is no formal medical diagnosis for addiction to masturbation.

There are a number of physical symptoms that can occur if someone is suffering from addiction to masturbation. Some common ones include lack of energy, insomnia, and even sexual dysfunction. There are other psychological symptoms that can occur as well, including feelings of guilt and shame, and feelings of humiliation and embarrassment. When a person masturbates, he will inevitably feel a sense of excitement and pleasure, because he is releasing stress and tension from his body. However, if the person does not have enough rest, he may become frustrated with his inability to satisfy his needs at this point, which can lead to other emotional problems. The result is that the person who masturbates becomes depressed and loses his self-esteem, which can lead to depression, as well.

Fortunately, there are ways to cure from masturbation. One method is called the "masturbation diet," where you try to eliminate the amount of masturbatory activities you engage in. Another method is known as the "masturbation ritual" that involves visualization of the sexual act you want to perform, such as imagining how good it feels to have your penis in your hand. Many people have successfully used these two methods to rid themselves of their addiction to masturbation. They have found that using these techniques allows them to enjoy the sexual act without feeling as though they have to engage in it.

Your addiction is nothing to be ashamed of and there is help. If you need more support, join our addiction support group.