Quite a morbid title, however I can assure you this topic is anything but and worth a read. Many people believe that making difficult decisions about topics such as divorce, marriage, job opportunity, eccetera can be nearly impossible without experts and a cannon of books and certifications to back up your decision. That is simply not true!  In actuality, you possess the answer to your own questions, because all decisions in your life occur against the back drop of who you believe yourself to be. That is, all choices are a reflection of who you are or believe yourself to be and thus only you know that. No one can tell you otherwise unless you believe them to be true!  

Okay, enough of the philosophy! What is this death bed test.   Well, when confronted with a difficult decisions in life use I use a trick which I refer to the death bed test. The death bed test goes a little something like this:

If I was on my death bed looking back at my life would I have any regrets about decision I'm about to make.

This decision can be about anything. Whether or not you should stay in a relationship, or should you apply for that job, etc. When helping others with challenges in life, I find that test really gets to the core of who you are as a person and want you really want out of life. It has a way of pushing all superfluous incidentals aside leaving you with the substances of really matters for you. When ever I have used this test, and made my decision I live without any regrets. That's not to say the decision was not painful in some way however.

So, when using this technique simply center yourself, close your eyes and image looking back at your life and ask the question. Preferably in a quiet place, without judging yourself or shaming yourself.  

There is really no magical solution because you possess all the magic on the inside!

Be well.