Being fired from a job is much like losing a love one. Now of course losing a love one is worse, in that you cannot replace a human life. Nevertheless the grieving we must go through patterns that of experiencing a death in our family.

You actually have a lot to celebrate being that you don't have to continue to do stuff you hate doing all for the sake of pieces of paper. You have time to think about what is really important for you and this is invaluable. In fact, the time you have left on this planet is more important than all the money we as humans create to symbolize value.  There is nothing more important than our time and yet most of us are so easily willing to trade in for a paycheck. The irony is that money doesn't really solve our problems. People collectively solve problems through the belief in money. Now I know some of you are thinking,

"Yeah right money doesn't solve problems; try to live without it for a day and see how far you go."

That's an excellent point, but that sort of thinking doesn't open doors for you in your current situation nor will finding another job you despise. That thought does serve to reinforce doing what everyone else is doing. Just think for a moment... if everyone thought that the world was flat, what kind of an impact that would have on our world!  It would be almost impossible for travel, satellites, etc. My point is, wealth is created in discovery. I want you to discovery yourself independent of the artificial constraints of pieces of paper, at least conceptually. Only then can you discover what it is you actually want to spend the rest of your time doing!

I know this thought exercise seems impractically, in that we are surrounded by the notion that money rules all. If I were to tell you, you only have 24 hours left to live; the job you lost would mean nothing. In fact, even the belief you have (we all have) in money would disintegrate into the nothing it actually represents; all of this against the backdrop of your mortality. So, hypothetically of course, if you had only 24 hours left to live, how would you spend your time? There is no right answer, only the answer that works for you and creates peace within your heart only then can you re-discovery yourself.  If you think about it, what is the point of breathing if you cannot do the things you love to do. If it's all about earning money, through a life experience that is mired in unfulfilling tasks, why continue on?

Don't get my wrong, I recognize the importance of "making a living". But that is only because I as well as everyone else is conditioned to see / believe in only that possibility in life. Therefore, everyone who believes in that ideology acts accordingly which effects our decisions collectively. Understanding that gives you a perspective and the ability to at least make the changes necessary to find something or start something you immensely enjoy doing for yourself.  

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