@Sparkle wrote in about her battle with being newly diagnosed with diabetes.

This is my story about living with type two diabetes. I have a long family history of type two diabetes on my mother’s side. Eight years ago (2012), I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. After I had A1c test done. My first signs of diabetes type 2 were unexplained weight loss and swelling in my left foot. Of course I didn’t recognize these signs at that time. Since I can remember, I was always told the “main” symptoms are excessive thirst and urination. I had neither. My primary care physician misdiagnosed my symptoms as fate had it. She explained it as other age related medical condition. It was my podiatrist who recognized my symptoms and that they could be diabetes. She called my PCP and requested I be tested. After finding out my diagnosis, I beyond pissed. I was down right, disappointed in myself and depressed. However, with the help of family and friends I’m better. Since then I have been managing my diabetes with diet and exercise. I also tried supplements and apple cider vinegar to see if it helped. At times it seemed to help, but other times not so much.

All in all, my advice is to be informed and work closely with your doctor.  Also joining a diabetes support groups helps a lot be keeping you informed and supported. Consistent dieting and exercise is key to controlling it.